Protection from Organizations

The power of corporations has significantly increased over the last two decades. Organizations now have unprecedented power over our lives and laws. Unfortunately, some organizations have chosen to use their power in a bad way. They are making laws that undermine the general well-being of society.

One of the biggest accusations leveled against organizations is that they use people’s data in the wrong way. You will find that an organization mined your data without your consent. As a result, we are undertaking several measures to protect people from such organizations.

We have joined like-minded people to demand more transparency from companies. Online users must know who has access to their data. Some of our supporters also believe that people should be paid for their data.

At the same time, other non-technology companies are pursuing harmful practices. Many of them are using materials that destroy the environment. Destruction of the environment directly affects our safety and health. Therefore, we must unite against such practices.

If you have any requests, or questions, we’d love to hear them. Contact us, and we’ll try to respond as fast as we can.

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