Protection From Government

Despite the big progress made by progressive elements over the last century, our government continues to make laws and rules, hurting the people. Many of these laws target innocent people. We believe that we must unite to create fair and practical laws for our safety.

Some state legislatures are making voting laws preventing certain racial groups from accessing voting materials. We are requesting these legislatures to scrap these laws. If you go through our blog, you will see a list of laws that prevent minorities from exercising their democratic rights. You can join us in the street protests or call these lawmakers.

The government is also engaging in a brutal crackdown of protesters. We have seen police officers beat protesters to death. Our campaigns will be aimed towards bringing justice to victims of police violence. These policemen engage in these activities because they think that the laws protect them. We have to work to change these laws so that everybody can feel safe and protected.

If you have any requests, or questions, we’d love to hear them. Contact us, and we’ll try to respond as fast as we can.

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